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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Play the ponies

Every Wednesday at Happy Valley (in HK Island), crowds from all social economic backgrounds gather for a common purpose: seeing their favourite horse win! It's quite interesting to see the locals pick their horses...they really study the newspaper, analyzing the odds for the winning pony! For them it's a serious matter, there is no drinking involved and they bet quite a lot of money. Remember that in HK gambling is legal!

On the other hand, for the expats (foreigners living here) this is a social occasion. For guys, it's an after office drinking meeting point (they wear suits and have laptops/briefcases); and for the girls, who had time to go home and change, it's a place to try to meet that someone special. We'll talk about relationships in another post.

So, since we were not for the drinking or the picking up...what did we do??? any bets???!!! GAMBLE!! haha...yes! but don't get too excited...I only bet once, and guess what? I WON!! yessssssssss!! now, the only problem is that I bet 10HK (5 pesos Arg.), so I only got 2.50HK (which is 1.75 pesos Arg.) hahaha...I know...beginners luck!!


  1. parece muy grande y majestuoso..........pero, creo que no es para "nosotros" !!!! no conocemos Palermo ni San Isidro..........pero, en fin, seguro que cuando "vayamos", ese hipodromo iremos a conocerlo !!! (ILUSIONES..........)

  2. Que extraordinario lo del televisor en directo, y que tamano de T.V. !!

  3. Silvia - si! hay que conocerlo! es parte del tour...y quien dice ganas un para de HK dollars!! y...cuando vienen? ya tienen pasaje? jaja...besos

    Papi - me dejaste sin palabras??!! guaguuuuuu hasta escribis mensajes!! jaja...GRACIAS!!! si, muy bueno ver la carrera en una super-pantalla...y bue...aca encontras la ultima tecnologia! besos y gracias por el comment...espero mas! ;)

  4. Martu,... Bien! Al fin tenemos imagenes y experience en apuestas!! te recuerdo que venis con suerte ...asi que segui jugando unas monedas , uno nunca sabe!!! Lindas pics!!! beijos de iemanja

  5. Iemanja - la verdad que si! hoy me siento con suerte...espero que siga asi!! igual no soy de apostar!! pero quien te dice...quizas gane algo!! jaja...besos y suerte para vos tambien! Buen viaje!!


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