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Thursday, May 21, 2009


What are the advantages of having an Argentinian passport? well, that if you go to Macau you need to get a visa!! yeah!! only a few countries have to pay 100HK...and we are one of them! actually, it's not that bad...it lasts for a month, but being pulled to the side and taken to an office...not understanding what was going on...and your husband being on the side was a bit unexpected!

A piece of history: Macau was an island controlled by the Portuguese until 1999, when it was handed back to China. Since it is illegal to gamble in mainland China, people from Hong Kong and other cities go to Macau for the day (it takes 45 minutes by Ferry). There is more money gambled here than in Las Vegas! true!!

Even though you can find some interesting colonial architecture, we only saw the Cirque du Soleil show "ZAIA" at the Venetian Hotel. Yep! sorry! no cultural sightseeing...well, it was raining!! One quick word about the show; if you have never seen any Cirque shows it's absolutely amazing!! now, if it's your 4th one (seen it in Vegas, New York and London) then...it's pretty much the same!

Enjoy the pics!!


  1. Muy lindas, Mama! Aver cuando eskaipeamos. El lunes es feriado aca. Beso!

  2. Lindas Marta... x un rato te fuiste a Italy! va.. algo similar!
    insisto... estas muy flaca!! en las pics esplendida!congratulations!!
    a falta de Visa... aguante macau! jaja
    beijinhos de iemanja

  3. Solci - gracias mama! dale, let's skype! puede ser el lunes a la maniana tu horario...besos!

    Iemanja - si! divino el gondolero! igual que Venece! mmm...lo de flaca no por mucho tiempo mas! jaja...encontre jamon cocido riquisimo! y postres...danger danger! espero conseguir visa pronto...sino aguante Macau!! jaja...besos!

  4. Que hermoso es !!!! (y que flaca estas !!!) En que vas a invertir lo que ganaste ???? una nueva compu, o un nuevo celu...........o un paquete de pastillitas, si alcanza !!!! jajaja !!!

  5. Silvia - lo de flaca no por mucho tiempo...ya encontre unos postres riquisimos! jaja...mmm...todavia estoy pensando en que gastar mis ganancias!! un telefono??!! jaja...si! en mis suenios!! besos


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