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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Indonesia continues (Bali)

We went to Prambanan (the largest Hindu temple) and to Boroduru a Buddhist temple; both of them are in Java- Indonesia. They are quite impressive! Both part of Unesco World Heritage. Lot's of school children go there as a field trip with their teachers; and since they are noy used to seeing many foreigners we felt like celebrities when they asked for pictures with! haha...yes! Specially Enda...they kept saying: "Picture please! so beautiful!". For the record I agree!! My husband is absolutly gorgeus!

We also went to see a traditional Ballet...I loved it! for Enda...mmm... a bit too long!

At 3 am we woke up to see the sunrise in Gunung Bromo, and active volcano. Here again, the locals wanted pictures with us. The view spectacular! Absolutely worth it!

Finally, Bali...well, let me tell you that I had high expectations for this place! I thought it was going to be absolutely amazing...well not quite! Kuta, the beach, is very turistic and full of surfers (I prefer shallow waters...just realxing with my floti).

Ubud however, in the island of Bali if beautiful! It's a tiny cultural town-very pretty. With lots of rice fields and an average of one temple per street. Something that called my attention was the offerings they leave on the temples/streets (check the last picture).