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Saturday, November 14, 2009


From Phmon Penh in Cambodia we went to Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam. Everybody uses a motorbike, so traffic is insane!! The roads are full of scooters...it's a total chaos!!

Then we flew from Ho Chi Min City to Hanoi in the north of Vietnam. The flight was very smooth, but still the locals kept throwing up. Yep! don't know why!!

The worst part, was that on the mini bus from the airport to the city, they continued puking!! unbelievable!! we were on the ground and the bags of puck were filling up rapidly! I guessed we should have suspected something when the driver starting handing out plastic bags as soon as we sat down.

The plan was to go to some beaches east of Hanoi, but the weather was pretty bad (actually there was a typhoon!) so we stayed in Hanoi for a couple of days, just relaxing and recovering from the puke saga!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cambodia continues

In Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, you can go to the Killing Fields, which is where a large number of people were killed and buried during the Khmer Rouge regime. Also, there is a former school that used to be a prision where Cambodians were interrogated, tortured and murdered. From 1975 to 1979, 1.7 million people died. Visiting the sites was difficult, you can feel the pain. Really really horrible!!!

When you leave these places, there are lots of disabled people and naked children begging, some of them would sell water, bracelts and even books written by the survivors of the Khmer Rouge. I decided to buy one of the books to learn more about the history, and also to try and help. The problem is that you CAN'T really help. There is so much poverty!! There are so many people asking for money...they say "just one dollar", and yes! that's not a lot of money...but if you give one dollar to the 40 people you see in 2 hours...that's different. I felt uncomfortable, guilty, angry, frustated and annoyed at the fact that I couldn't do anything to help these people.

I wish I can be rich, so I could build a school for the children that are begging...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cambodia - Angkor Wat

Again...I thought I was going to see Angelina Jolie running through the temples (Tomb Raider was filmed here), but nop!

The place is incredible!!

One of the wonders of the world!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

South of Thailand

We went to Ko Phi Phi, Phucket, Ko Samui and Ko Tao

To summarize: Phucket is all about sex...old westerns with young local girls!! they walk together holding hands...really disgusting!!!

From Ko Phi Phi, we did a tour on a boat and we ended in a wonderful turquoise water lagoon!! I thought Leo Di Caprio was going to appear...but no! instead I had my sexy Irish man!!

Ko Tao was amazing for snorkeling!! we got a piece of bread and in an instant we were surronded by crazy fish!! it was great fun!!

Enjoy the pics!!

ps: the boxing fight was staged!! the things one do for a free bucket of alcohol!! haha no worries, I didn't get hurt!