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Saturday, May 16, 2009

HK-Day 5

Located in Central and Western District (in HK Island) it's the Dried Seafood Street, where you can find exotic dried food. Presentation is not very appealing; they are just on a box or a bag on the street. Beware of the smell!! specially with the heat it could be quite repulsive! sorry...nothing personal!! The strangest thing I've seen was dried seahorse! it actually looked cute! haha...A local friend told me that you should cook the dried fish with ginger and that it's very tasty...if I try it I'll let you know!! Bird's nest soup is a delicacy in Chinese cuisine and you can purchase the ingredients at Ginseng and Bird's Nest Street.

At Hollywood Road and Upper Lascar Row you can find many curious and antique shops; from vases to large pieces of furniture. It reminded me of Portobello Market in London...not quite as large, but the same idea! or it could be like San Telmo Market!! I'm so international!! haha...

One of the first traditional-style temples is Man Mo Temple...I'm sure you are tired of reading about this...lots of incense! oh! and you need to be careful...some of the incense hanging from the ceiling don't have a plate underneath, so ashes can drop and burn you!! seriously! so be careful!!

Last part of the pictures are the Mid-levels Escalators; the world's longest covered escalator...800-metres long!! yep!! it takes 20 minutes to go from top to bottom. The only problem is that it goes one way...so down you go in the steps...I guess is not too bad...but being a lazy person I would prefer a two-way escalator!! haha...


  1. que podria comer ??? creo que solo ARROZ !!! igual me encantaria conocer. Subir las escaleras ??? haremos lo posible y tambien "lo imposible".Silvia

  2. Silvia - jaja...y si! ahora entendes por que baje de peso?!! jaja...ojo! hay que probar, el sabado comi comida Thilandesa riquisima!! y las frutas son muy ricas!! ah! y en el super podes comprar chocolate Lindt! subir las escaleras es facil (escalera mecanica) el tema son los escalones o bajaditas, sobre todo si tenes tacos altos!! jaja...besos

  3. Marta!!! Increible las cosas q nos vas mostrando! buena reporter! Quiero esos monos q se tapan boca , ojos, oidos... q lindos... Los pescados, paso! hehe
    Los escalones... bien, x eso no hay obesos en china! jaja
    beijos de iemanja desde spain

  4. Iemanja - si! devinos los monitos...los saque pensando en vos!! en serio!! ojo que lo dicen que los pescado secos cocinados con gengibre son deliciosos...nose...me contaron!! jaja...a full con los escalones y colinas!! si!!haces ejercicio aunque no quieras!! jaja...besos


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