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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

HK-Day 1

Finally, after 10 1/2 hours flight and 7 hours difference from London I got to Hong Kong!! Luckly, someone was waiting for me and put me on a taxi to our 'home sweet home'. At the moment we are renting a flat in Causeway Bay; which is right besides Times Square (without the Broadway shows) and the expensive shops. Basically, is a big shopping area mainly for young kids that bring the latest fashion.

After sleeping for about 3 days (waking up at 5am and going for a siesta of 5 hours at 6pm), we did our first day trip. We took a ferry to Lantau (another island) to see Tian Tan Buddha - the world's largest seated bronze Buddah. It's quite impressive!

First impression of Hk? well, the public transportation is amazing! A.C everywhere, very necessary for the humidity and you never wait more than 3 minutes for the subway to arrive. Also, it is very cheap (each ride costs 50 HK dollar, which is 0.50 pounds, which is 2.50 Arg. pesos).

Monday, April 27, 2009

London E.R (Emergency Room)

Next stop was London for a few days...unfortunately not the best of days!! Of course, being London the weather was cloudy, rainy and depressing! sorry, not offense for those who live there, but it is true! The weather in London sucks! big time!! However, it was great seeing some old friends - thanks for coming out!! and hopefully next time I can meet up with those I missed! - sorry, but they were hectic days with some unplanned issues...

So, in New York I started with a sore throat and in London it got worse, much worse! The mornings and nights were specially bad, I would start with a simple cough and end having difficulty breathing. Well, on Saturday night my good friend Chris thought I was not looking very healthy! and since I was having difficulty to breath attacks, she insisted on going to the Emergency Room. Oh dear! here is where the adventure began...now we can laugh about it, but at the moment it was quite scary!

As we got the E.R, there was a commotion 'cause there was a guy with a broken arm and he was bleeding pretty bad; his friend a bit drunk with no shirt on (it was being used to hold the bloody arm) was going back and forth! Asking if the friend was going to be okay. yes! just like in the TV program! big drama!

 As there weren't many people, I thought we would be out of there in 20 minutes or so...well...not quite! After giving my personal info, they called me in; hurray!! I thought, that was fast. Nope, I met with the nurse, who just asked if i was allergic to any medication and that the doctor will see me as soon as he can. So, we sat comfortably trying to stay awake. That was not difficult since that's when act 2 began. Another drunken guy with his mom and dad...but this one was a bit violent! (neither of us wanted to make eye contact, he looked scary!). He had obviously been in a fight, and his left eye was bleeding. The nurse had put a bandage, but since he would not stay still, and he would touch the wound, one of the stitches came out and the blood started dripping again! yep! the janitor had to come again and mop the bloody floor!! Not pretty!

After waiting for 2 and 1/2 hours, they called us in. I think we stayed for 15 minutes. Checked my throat, said it was infected and that I needed antibiotics. Payed 14 quid, and off I left with 2 prescriptions. The following morning felt much better...but it took me about a week to fully recover.

Q: Have you ever being to an Emergency Room? This was my first

Saturday, April 25, 2009

NYC: changed...but not really

Famous Naked Cowboy in Times Square

Landed at JFK with no problems...feeling excited and looking forward to spending a few days in one of my favorite cities! but that feeling started fading away as soon as I got on the cue for immigration. It's a bit difficult to explain the feeling...all of a sudden I started feeling hot and my heart started racing! "What is going on?!!" well, just looking at certain people going to a side door with a police officer because there is an issue with their passports, the signs that prohibit you from using cellphones and cameras, and just the overall feeling that you are not really welcome...immediately changed my mood. I guess, the immigration officers are trained to have a dog face and to treat you like shit! luckily, mine was neither that nor friendly..stamped my passport without asking any questions.

Once in the city, I was able to hang out and visit some great friends...went to some of my all time favorite spots, like Mexican Restaurant, where I had chicken fajitas with mango margaritas...mmm....while thinking of this my mouth waters!! NYC is great! everything works! it's extremely convenient and efficient...but don't ask a bus driver twice where you want to get off...oh no! she will give you New Yorker attitude...and trust me it ain't pretty!!

Still, during my short visit I was able to visit my old University (and say Hi to some colleagues), walk around Central Park, do a mini-tour in Met Museum, and take some pics of 5th Av, Rockefeller Center and Times Square. Of course, those who know me must have guessed that one Must Stop for me, is Bloomingdales (Victoria Secret and Banana Republic). And it is here that I noticed a change. As you know the Economical crisis affected everyone...but I didn't expected to see it so clearly. I went around the perfume section and I asked a price...well, they were so pushy! hard sellers that I actually felt harassed! They would give me more samples, more gifts, even the convenience it of buying now and picking it up later! I was a but jet lag, so I must have said something in Spanish...like "no, gracias"...well, all of a sudden I had 2 more people following me around speaking in Spanish. OTT!! (Over the top)
Luckily for my husband I did not buy anything...but no worries, once I start working again I will be back!!

Q: Which is you favorite city/town? Why?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not quite the Irish Luck

The day had finally arrived, I was embarking on the adventure. I was going to be on a plane heading to Miami, with a layover of 8 hours before getting to New York. Well...not quite! When I got to the checking area (Silvio-the flight attendant from American Airlines) suggested to get in an earlier flight and go directly to New York. "Wonderful!", I said. I couldn't believe my luck! so I had to say goodbye to my parents very quickly and off I went.

Rushing, rushing got to the plane and after 20 minutes the pilot informed us there was a problem with the lights in the cock pit, they wouldn't stop flickering. So we had to wait for 3 hours, yes!! 3 long hours, with no food or drinks! People were getting anxious to say the least! Finally, the pilot said: "One way or another, American Airlines will take care of you" well, they sort of did, the flight was canceled until the following day. We left the plane, again going to customes, picking up our bags, waiting for a van and off we went to a hotel.

They took us to "Hotel Emperador" (5 stars-nice!), where dinner, breakfast and lunch were included! In the morning I asked if I could use the pool and sauna and they said yes! I guess I was the only one who asked, 'cause I was alone!! jajaja...great! I have to be honest...I had a fantastic time!! Top service, delicious food, and the swimming kept me relaxed! Following day we left with no problems.

Q: Do you usually see a glass half empty or half full?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Farewell Drinks

It was tough saying goodbye to family and friends, but I have to admit I'm very happy!! I can't wait for this new adventure to begin! The last week in BA, I went out for dinner almost every night, I had to watch my waist-so I couldn't order steak every night! boo hoo!

Wednesday night, the girls from "Grupete Brazil"came to my hood and had some delicious 'pinchos' at a Catalan Restaurante. We were having a great time: talking, drinking, gossiping (what women do!), when suddenly they presented me with a gift: a frame with pictures of all of us from Carnival in Bahia. I was speechless (something difficult in me); I did not expect it! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I will miss you all!!

Then, on Friday night, I had dinner with "Las chicas del secundario" (High School girls). It was amazing from the moment I walked in; as soon as I walked in they put me a Kimono (para entrar en ambiente! ja, ja); then we had sushi as an appetizer (from Sushi Club) absolutely delicious! and for main, meat with potatoes...the best part of course was the "Chocotorta" mmm...I'll miss it!!

All the alfajores they gave me with the fans were great! and the questions about Chinese vocabulary very funny!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To each one of you who shared this extended sabbatical year!! It was great reconnecting and finding people I had lost touch with. I will miss you all!

I will put a question at the end of each post...you can answer if you wish...

Q: What was your favourite farewell drinks/party?