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Sunday, May 10, 2009

HK-Day 4

I know I've been in HK for more than 4 days...haha...sorry about the title of the post...but I did see the following on my 4th day of exploring the city!! There are lots of Markets and places to shop all around, for me absolute heaven! but one of the most popular is called "Ladies' market". Don't be deceived by its name! Here you can buy anything at bargain-priced items, including men's and women's clothing, 'copy watches and bags" (that is exactly what they say!), meaning fake!, beauty products, wigs! yes! strange...I know! but I say the other day a girl wearing a long blond wig! maybe it's their fantasy??!! haha...

Tin Hau Temple is dedicated to the Goddess of Seafarers. Its location is in the middle of a bustling urban area...where you wouldn't expect to see one of the oldest Temple of HK! the explanation is that a long time ago it was on the harbour front. People worship Tina Hau here; they buy incenses and pray. This happens in every Temple: purchase the incense and let them burn. There are also huge incenses with a beehive shape being burned constantly, which can be quite unpleasant! your eyes become itchy and is difficult to breathe! at least for me...

Finally, it's Kowloon Walled City Park...absolutely beautiful!! very clean and well-taken care of! and you can walk to the harbour and have a great view of Hong Kong Island. Enjoy the pics!


  1. Hong Kong PhooeyMay 11, 2009 at 7:35 AM

    I like the pictures but all that shopping would make me thirsty for a beer!

  2. uau.. y no paran los markets amiga!! Q lindo, k colores y variedades... y k tal los costos? da para resistir a la tentacion de comprar??
    My blog? What pass?? Tic Tac..jaja...besotes de iemanja

  3. me encantan los colores, la ciudad y la prolijidad que aparece en las fotos !!! Ademas me parece que deber ser hermoso el espectaculo de las luces de laser. Vos estas muy bien (muy linda la remera violeta)!!!! Mami

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. @ HK Phooey - yes! absolutely!! actually the day I was walking I had a coconut/milky drink...quite tasty!! are you based in HK? Welcome and thanks for the comment!

    @ Iemanja - y no paran!! jaja...actually hay uno mas...pero no el proximo!! prices? no compre todavia pero, una peluca re-linda 100 hk (50 Arg pesos), una toalla 40 hk (20 arg pesos), reloj truchi 40 hk...y hay que negociar, yo soy muy buena en eso asi que ire con amiga de aca!!jaja...besos y gracias por el coment!

    @ Mami - si! es todo muy prolijo! entendiste lo que escribi? te cuesta mucho? que tal el English? ya pronto se viene el video con las luces de laser...shshhhhhhhhh!!! no le digas a nadie! jaja...si! super-bien la remera!! jaja...gracias!! besos


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