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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The odyssey of the bag - Part 1

I admit it! I'm terrible at packing....yep! I leave everything to the last minute! my fault! the only problem is when I involve other people to help me when the situation gets out of control...like what happened last week.

Before moving to Hong Kong I had a chance of leaving a bag in London with a friend (Ana -gracias!) who was coming here a month later. Since I could not organize myself quickly and efficiently enough, I lost the opportunity of bringing it!

But, last week another good friend (Luciana- diosa total!) embarked on her trip to Europe and her first stop was London....yes! you guessed correctly! I asked her to bring a 23 kilo bag. The problem is that I decided to ask her for this huge favor 2 days before her flight!

My parents (absolute angels!, mil gracias a los dos!) had to rush and in one day bought a new bag, got to my flat in Bs.As, packed the things, and took the bag to my friend's flat.

Following morning, the bag was on its way to London. Now, the issue was that my friend is backpacking in Europe, so another friend (Alf y Patri-mil gracias!) met her at Paddington Station to get the bag. Luckily the whole thing went well!

Do you think the whole saga is over? well, this is only half of the journey...now my friend will have to post the bag to HK....seriously!

Please light a candle, say a prayer or just cross your fingers!!

ps: Mil gracias a Sole y Cris for your help in London! ;)


  1. Martu.... si si... movida internacional para esa Bag! Grandes los participantes! Congratulations!
    Ya de dedos cruzados para que llegue Perfect! iam sure!!
    besotes, iemanja..

  2. Bueno...finalmente Roberto recibe una mencion honorable en tu post. De nada. Avisame si necesitas otra intervencion! Conta como te fue con el laburo.

  3. Iemanja - si!! mucha movida!! pero vale la pena!! espero que llegue todo bien!! necesite un poco de 'axe'!!! jaja...me mandas? besos

  4. Solci - a full Roberto!! muchas gracias!! jaja...por ahora no necesito mas ayuda...gracias igual! el laburo muy bien...viste skype? besos

  5. Hubby - hahaha...I know!! anyhows...thanks for your comment!! and pls come back!! ;)

  6. Me gustaria saber k cosas tan importantes contiene ese bolso para k se justifique semejante movida, jajaj! A ver si cuando lo tengas podes llevarlo en la cabeza con tanta soltura como lo lleva la señora de la foto? Un beso!


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