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Monday, June 15, 2009

Flight to Jakarta - Part 2

So, since things were getting a bit awkard, I decided to play my "Oscar winning I'm from Argentina performance" (usually when mentioning Maradonna people smile and get soft), well, not this one!! haha...so, then I changed to plan B: with watery eyes I started "I come from a 3rd world country, don't have a lot of money, we earn Argentinian pesos, not us dollars!! please!!" nop! didn't work either.
So, he looks at me and says "we help you, you help us"...I didn't get it at first, so I got quiet...Enda quickly responded "how much?" to what the officer said "how much can you give?" Enda says "u$20"... the answer was "mmmmm....." not very happy!

They pulled us to the side and we said "ok, we want to buy a new ticket...can it be refundable?" (which basically means that you purchase the ticket and when yo uget to your hotel you cancel it!). They said NO!! so, again I started getting really pissed (no acting now). I said "but we just paid u$50! give us the money back and put us back on a plane!'. No response...so Enda says "ok, we don't have much money, we'll give u$40". The officer went to check the supervisor you gave him the thumbs up!

Again, went to passport control showing the passports with the u$40 inside!! Here, they continue giving me attitute! He said "you know, this is the last time...I help you! if you have friends of family here don't say anything because we know..."

With the sour taste we arrived in Jakarta...first stop in Indonesia...first time bribeing!!


  1. Enda ya parece Argentino !!! jajaja !!! aprendio durante el tiempo que vivio aca !!!! rapido, solo un año !!!!

  2. Silvia - si!! jaja...la verdad que yo me quede sin palabras!! (pocas veces me pasa!! jaja) por suerte Enda reacciono!! no creo que lo haya aprendido en BsAs...nunca le ofrecieron nada!! besosssssss


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