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Saturday, April 25, 2009

NYC: changed...but not really

Famous Naked Cowboy in Times Square

Landed at JFK with no problems...feeling excited and looking forward to spending a few days in one of my favorite cities! but that feeling started fading away as soon as I got on the cue for immigration. It's a bit difficult to explain the feeling...all of a sudden I started feeling hot and my heart started racing! "What is going on?!!" well, just looking at certain people going to a side door with a police officer because there is an issue with their passports, the signs that prohibit you from using cellphones and cameras, and just the overall feeling that you are not really welcome...immediately changed my mood. I guess, the immigration officers are trained to have a dog face and to treat you like shit! luckily, mine was neither that nor friendly..stamped my passport without asking any questions.

Once in the city, I was able to hang out and visit some great friends...went to some of my all time favorite spots, like Mexican Restaurant, where I had chicken fajitas with mango margaritas...mmm....while thinking of this my mouth waters!! NYC is great! everything works! it's extremely convenient and efficient...but don't ask a bus driver twice where you want to get off...oh no! she will give you New Yorker attitude...and trust me it ain't pretty!!

Still, during my short visit I was able to visit my old University (and say Hi to some colleagues), walk around Central Park, do a mini-tour in Met Museum, and take some pics of 5th Av, Rockefeller Center and Times Square. Of course, those who know me must have guessed that one Must Stop for me, is Bloomingdales (Victoria Secret and Banana Republic). And it is here that I noticed a change. As you know the Economical crisis affected everyone...but I didn't expected to see it so clearly. I went around the perfume section and I asked a price...well, they were so pushy! hard sellers that I actually felt harassed! They would give me more samples, more gifts, even the convenience it of buying now and picking it up later! I was a but jet lag, so I must have said something in Spanish...like "no, gracias"...well, all of a sudden I had 2 more people following me around speaking in Spanish. OTT!! (Over the top)
Luckily for my husband I did not buy anything...but no worries, once I start working again I will be back!!

Q: Which is you favorite city/town? Why?

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