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Monday, April 27, 2009

London E.R (Emergency Room)

Next stop was London for a few days...unfortunately not the best of days!! Of course, being London the weather was cloudy, rainy and depressing! sorry, not offense for those who live there, but it is true! The weather in London sucks! big time!! However, it was great seeing some old friends - thanks for coming out!! and hopefully next time I can meet up with those I missed! - sorry, but they were hectic days with some unplanned issues...

So, in New York I started with a sore throat and in London it got worse, much worse! The mornings and nights were specially bad, I would start with a simple cough and end having difficulty breathing. Well, on Saturday night my good friend Chris thought I was not looking very healthy! and since I was having difficulty to breath attacks, she insisted on going to the Emergency Room. Oh dear! here is where the adventure began...now we can laugh about it, but at the moment it was quite scary!

As we got the E.R, there was a commotion 'cause there was a guy with a broken arm and he was bleeding pretty bad; his friend a bit drunk with no shirt on (it was being used to hold the bloody arm) was going back and forth! Asking if the friend was going to be okay. yes! just like in the TV program! big drama!

 As there weren't many people, I thought we would be out of there in 20 minutes or so...well...not quite! After giving my personal info, they called me in; hurray!! I thought, that was fast. Nope, I met with the nurse, who just asked if i was allergic to any medication and that the doctor will see me as soon as he can. So, we sat comfortably trying to stay awake. That was not difficult since that's when act 2 began. Another drunken guy with his mom and dad...but this one was a bit violent! (neither of us wanted to make eye contact, he looked scary!). He had obviously been in a fight, and his left eye was bleeding. The nurse had put a bandage, but since he would not stay still, and he would touch the wound, one of the stitches came out and the blood started dripping again! yep! the janitor had to come again and mop the bloody floor!! Not pretty!

After waiting for 2 and 1/2 hours, they called us in. I think we stayed for 15 minutes. Checked my throat, said it was infected and that I needed antibiotics. Payed 14 quid, and off I left with 2 prescriptions. The following morning felt much better...but it took me about a week to fully recover.

Q: Have you ever being to an Emergency Room? This was my first


  1. Dude! I thought traveling was supposed to be fun! - Maybe you're jinxed!

  2. You are lucky - If it had been in Ireland your wait would have been more like 12 1/2 hours and the charge €100.

    Oh, and welcome to the blogosphere :)

  3. @anony - Hey dude!! who are you??!! btw don't believe I am jinxed...thanks for commenting though

    @primal - haha...you are right! have you been to the Emergency room? I hope my new cyber friend doesn't get into drunker fights!! haha...
    Thanks for stopping by!


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