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Sunday, November 1, 2009

South of Thailand

We went to Ko Phi Phi, Phucket, Ko Samui and Ko Tao

To summarize: Phucket is all about sex...old westerns with young local girls!! they walk together holding hands...really disgusting!!!

From Ko Phi Phi, we did a tour on a boat and we ended in a wonderful turquoise water lagoon!! I thought Leo Di Caprio was going to appear...but no! instead I had my sexy Irish man!!

Ko Tao was amazing for snorkeling!! we got a piece of bread and in an instant we were surronded by crazy fish!! it was great fun!!

Enjoy the pics!!

ps: the boxing fight was staged!! the things one do for a free bucket of alcohol!! haha no worries, I didn't get hurt!


  1. MARTAAA!!! Increible!!! espectacular!! que mas queres que te diga... me quede boquiabierta con tanta naturaleza bella!! So Romantic too! me ecanto! Agendando Miri... hehe...

  2. Miri: gracias Martuuu!!! la verdad que es una hermosura!! tenes que venir!! dale!! compra tckts!! compra compra!! jaja...besos

  3. Me glad you like my country - bootiful fotos!

  4. que hermosos lugares !!!
    y pobre espalda !!!
    en unos meses estare por alla..........

  5. Miss Thai: thanks!! yes!! your country is soooo beautiful!! and the people are great! very friendly!

    Silvia: si!! Enda se quemo mal!! no tiene la piel caribenea mia! jaja...si!! en un par de meses vienen!! buenisimo!! besos


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