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Saturday, September 5, 2009


Next stop, we flew to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. What is there to see besides the Petrona's Towers? mm...not much! Bintang Walk is a famous area where you can find restaurants and do some shopping. We stayed in a beutiful 4 star hotel (yes, we took a break from the backpacking scene), and there was a pretty cool swimming pool (those who know me, understand how happy that makes me!). Well, I decided to go for a swim and do a few laps...when my husband reminded me that this is a muslim country and that I should cover my shoulders going down in the elevator. I was wearing a black bathing suit and a shawl, before I left I added another shawl to cover every part of my body! The strangest part of all was that I felt so naked in the pool! yes! the other women were fullly dressed watching their children enjoying the water, and the 2 other women actually in the pool were wearing a one piece bathing suit with a little skirt over it! I felt quite uncomfortable! weird! In the hotel's room there are arrows indicating were one should pray...I believe always facing Mecca.

After a few days, we went to Lankawi, an island on the north west of Malaysia. It is gorgeous! We stayed in a beautiful place, we rented a scooter to exlore the island, and we celebrated our anniversay with a bottle of champagne watching the sunset! unforgetable!

Hope you like the pics!


  1. I had to queue for a long time to go up the towers :-(

  2. Martuuu, QUE LINDO!!! la isla, sus aguas y atardeceres!!! quieroooo!
    La foto que estas acostada en la orilla, MUY buena! So Romantic!! Que aniversario, brindemos con esse shampoo:)) Chin Chin!!!
    tu foto entre las twin Towers, buenissima!
    Que tal endu al frente de la motito??
    Y sobre la piscina... ParĂ¡ de ser el centro martaaaa, jajaj our Big mama!!! besotes de iemanja

  3. Que lindas fotos Clau!
    Espero que podamos hablar pronto!

  4. Chuck: sorry for the late response...at least you made it to the top...we didn't! just took the pics from outside! haha

    Iemanja: gracias amiga!! Enda bien manejando...lo unico despues necesita 5 cervezas para relajarse!! jaja...besos

    Sol: gracias!! dale! a ver cuando nos encontramos! besos


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